Smiling Tails Pet Sitting

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* Please call Smiling Tails to reserve pet sitting as soon as possible. I make every effort to accommodate as many clients as I can however I do book quickly especially for the holiday's.

* Your reservations are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email or have spoken to me personally.

Payment Policies

* Established clients please leave payment at home for pick up at the first visit.
* Midday dog walking clients please leave payment at home for pick up at the first scheduled visit of the week.
* New clients, payment is due in full at the meet and greet.
* If your return is delayed Smiling Tails will be happy to care for your pets until you get home. Regular service rates, including holiday rates if applicable, will apply and payment is due upon your return.
* No refunds are issued should you return early. However, credit for the unused portion will be applied to your account.
* A cancellation fee of 100% of the total will be charged to your account for a cancellation with less than 24 hr. notice

Pet Policies

* Smiling Tails requires all pets’ vaccinations to be up to date.
* Pet owner authorizes Smiling Tails to seek veterinary assistance at the cost of the pet owner.
* The pet owner is responsible for supplying a safe environment, both indoor and outdoor, for all pets.
* The pet owner is responsible for securing gates and fences in yards. Electric or invisible fencing is not considered an adequate barrier for the safety of your dog. Lacking a fenced in yard, dogs are walked on leashes.
* Cats are never let out of the house.
* Birds must be in an enclosure with access to food and water from the outside. Birds are never let out of their enclosures.
* The pet owner must inform Smiling Tails of all animals in the home.
* When walking your dog it is Smiling Tails policy to avoid or keep to a minimum any contact with other animals or people, especially children.
* The pet owner is responsible for leaving enough pet food to last the duration of their trip. The pet owner authorizes the necessary purchase of pet food to be reimbursed to Smiling Tails along with a $20 service fee upon their return.
* In the event of extreme weather the length of walks will be at the discretion of the pet sitter.